In The Beginning...

What a pussy!!

We're back with The Blasphemy Show 2: The Second Coming. Join five or Montreal's most outspoken and outrageous comics in an evening that is all about breaking the second commandment. Last year we proved that the only thing that makes a religious holiday better is a comedy night who's sole responsibility is to take religion to task for making it harder to go to a bank on that day. This year, we're making it even wilder.

Join us at 8:00pm, Good Friday April 2 at the Katacombes Showbar at 1635 St Laurent Blvd (corner of Ontario) for a show that's bound to test your faith, your patience and your alcohol levels.

Tickets are $15, but as a special offer, if you purchase through this website you can get them for $12 so get
them now while they are still available.